Stables Project Studio

Project Studio and Remote Session Recording

Tim runs a project recording studio from his home in the peaceful Mid Lothian countryside, about 30 mins drive south from Edinburgh. The studio is great for mixing, drums, speech, vocals, overdubbing projects, or smaller groups. It’s surprisingly versatile!…and very reasonable!

A comprehensive selection of mics, including Ribbon and Tube mics, featuring sE, AKG, Neumann, Coles, ElectroVoice, C-ducer, Audix and Shure go through 4 Channels of TL Ivory series Valve pre-amps, or a UA LA-610 mkII Valve/Tube Channel Strip into a MOTU Ultralite mkII, recording onto Logic Pro 9 or Ableton Live 9, using a comprehensive selection of Waves plugins and Focusrite’s Liquid Mix 16 for old-school EQ and compressor emulation, with monitoring courtesy of sE Munro’s Eggs. All enquiries are welcome.

If for some reason getting to Mid Lothian does not suit you, Tim can do session recording for you remotely over the interweb. Whether you are looking for drums, some unusual percussion, trombone or even a rhythm section or a full horn section, you can have either mixed & bounced down or full multichannel recording/stems sent over to you without even getting out of bed!

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