One to One Tuition

Tim is an experienced drum-kit and trombone tutor, having been teaching in and around Edinburgh since 2004. Beginners through to advanced players are welcome.


Since 2008 Tim has worked with various projects and organisations as a workshop facilitator, tutor, mentor or assistant. These include Tinderbox Orchestra, Rowanbank, Oi Musica, Boombox, Impact Arts, Artlink and Where’s The One. Projects range from Brass & Samba Carnival style workshops to more meditative ’empowerment sessions’ with more unusual tuned percussion (tongue drums and sansulas etc) and from ‘woodland discovery events’ to large collaborative events such as the ‘Journey of a Thousand Wings’ Tinderbox Orchestra concert at the Queens Hall.

Tim can help with Drums, Brass, Electronics including AbletonLive, together with his more unique tuned percussion instruments and ideas. Whether you are looking for someone to facilitate a workshop or help with an existing project, contact Tim for more info.

Sink @Art's Complexjaggy1sanzulaz
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