Mira Jempe at Stables

In late September the shaman Mira Jempe, following some powerful ceremonies in Scotland, came to record some of his songs at Stables. It was an absolute honour to record his music as well as being given the opportunity to collaborate on one tune “Tam Tam Hori“, on congas, kit and bass. You can hear it with a video he’s made on his YouTube channel, here or his Soundcloud page. You can also check out his stunning paintings on his website www.mystic-rays.ic.cz.

Mira is originally from the Czech Republic but now lives in Equador, home of the Shuar tribe. South-western Ecuador, one of the most biologically and culturally diverse areas on the planet, is under threat from open-cast copper and gold mining, and extensive oil exploration contracts that will destroy vast areas of old-growth rainforest, and displace entire groups of indigenous people. You can find out more and support this important cause to protect the lungs of the earth at www.protectecuador.org