LANES is Tim’s solo project, playing Kit, Trombone, Tongue Drum, Sansulas and Percussion. Self-produced & self-released, ‘Writings on the Wall’ is the debut album from LANES, released March 2018.

Check it out and buy it on Bandcamp.

Massive thanks to the various great musicians featured on the record: Mairi Campbell, Liz Russo, Jemima Thewes, George Francis, Fraser Fifield, Philip Cardwell, Andrew Baker, Jem Le Lievre, Mira Jempe, Daniel Dumnov & Michael Starky.

Follow the links to check out some of the amazing things they get up to. All highly recommended.

For gig inquiries for LANES, get in touch here.

The Tongue Drums are made locally by Colin McCafferty, Bombskare’s trumpet player. The Sansulas, can be thought of as a “Vorsprung durch Technik” version of the Eastern/Southern African instrument, the Mbira. They are made by Peter Hokema, in “a small village in northern Germany.”

Lanes - Writings on the Wall cover

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