Stables Project Studio and Remote Sessions

Tim runs a project recording studio from his home in the peaceful East Lothian countryside, about 30 mins drive south from Edinburgh.

With great accommodation options, the studio is very versatile and has a great live room with options for isolation. Mics include sE, AKG, Neumann, Coles, ElectroVoice, Wasaphone, C-ducer, Audix and Shure. Mic-pre’s include Neve, Tweed, UA & TLAudio into a UA Apollo onto Logic or Ableton. Hardware EQ & dynamics from Neve, ADR, Tweed, UA & Samson & a comprehensive selection of plugins from UA, Waves, iZotope, Valhalla, Celemony, and Focusrite, with monitoring courtesy of sE Munro’s Eggs and KEF.

In recent years Tim has been producing both his own project LANES as well as collaborating with and producing for a broad range of others projects, including Jemima Thewes for her EP Bright Shadows, Kate Young and Raphael Decoster for their album les objets trouvĂ©s, SiNK for their album Ossicles, The Watch Thieves for their album Heavy As The Sun, various recordings for Mira Jempe and an unabridged audiobook of the Russian classic novel ‘Spring Torrents.’ Follow the links to check out some sounds.

If getting to this part of the world doesn’t suit, then Tim also does remote studio sessions for both production (running your stems through nice hardware etc) or sessions for drums, brass or various other instruments and has access to great session players, whatever your arrangement needs!

All inquiries are welcome.