Mima Thewes UK mini-tour

Three great gigs mark the start of touring for Mima Thewes. First off was supporting Baka Beyond in Cumbria, at the newly up and running UpFront Puppet Theatre. Last time we saw this place it was just a metal frame, so great to be part of kickstarting this very special […] Read more »

Hidden Orchestra highlight of the year at Union Chapel

On 17th October Hidden Orchestra played to a very warm sold out crowd at Union Chapel, London. It was an incredibly special gig, guesting not only Phil Cardwell on Trumpet but also Tomáš Dvořák – aka producer-composer Floex – on clarinet, and the uber-talented Lumen on the visuals. You can […] Read more »

Mira Jempe at Stables

In late September the shaman Mira Jempe, following some powerful ceremonies in Scotland, came to record some of his songs at Stables. It was an absolute honour to record his music as well as being given the opportunity to collaborate on one tune “Tam Tam Hori“, on congas, kit and […] Read more »

Tinderbox’s Journey of a Thousand Wings August Concert Success

This year’s Journey of a Thousand Wings Orchestra, part of the Tinderbox Project, had some brilliant Edinburgh Festival gigs to complete the course in August. With the usual amazing array of international collaborators and talents, they took the Liquid Rooms and the Edinburgh Mela by storm. A joy to be […] Read more »

Boney Kit Steppa’s guest appearance with Orkestra Del Sol

At this year’s festival gig of the year Orkestra Del Sol welcomed back their very special guest The Boney Kit Steppa to the Queens Hall stage to join forces with the lyrical talents of Phil Philadopolis to create “proper-ill raggatastic rapping mayhem.” To see it was to believe it and […] Read more »

Knock gets a Mima and BKS double debut!

Returning to our favourite Scottish festival Knockengorroch after last years trials and tribulations was emotional to say the least. Mima and myself did a wee set in the Longhouse, which was really lovely. Thanks to the very dandy Douglas Robertson for the snaps below. Also this years Knock witnessed one […] Read more »